Winners of the 2023 Photo Contest

Rpls Calendar 2024 Future Cover Scaled

With all of the turmoil we experienced here at and the transition from SurveyorConnect, it’s amazing that we received 27 entries into our 2023 Photo Contest. Yes, it’s barely a third of entries submitted last year, but it’s still a good showing despite all the drama.

The Grand Prize Winner has their photo featured on the cover of the calendar. They also receive two copies of the 2024 Surveying Calendar and some cool merchandise.

Honorable Mentions have their photos displayed within the calendar. They also receive a free copy of the calendar and some cool merchandise.

You can see a preview and learn more about the 2024 calendar at:

The rest of us can purchase the 2024 wall-style calendars at Lulu. They are printed on high-quality, heavy-duty stock and improve any wall on which you hang them. They also display many surveying-related calendar events in addition to the standard events. Just ask the folks that have previously purchased our calendars — everyone loves them!

Without further ado, here are the winners:


Cameron Allan Smith, Oregon, USA



  • Hunt Iceland, California, USA
  • Steelhead JEDi, Oregon, USA
  • Nathan Dearyan, Arkansas, USA
  • Darren Goheen, Oregon, USA
  • Christof Lambrecht, East Flanders, Belgium
  • Ron Berry, Kentucky, USA
  • Brian Riniker, Midwest, USA

The eagle-eyed among you will realize there’s only 7 Honorable Mentions but 12 months in a year. Some of our winners had more than one photo selected, so we’ve only listed them once. Perhaps next year we’ll have more entries so we can have a different Honorable Mention for each month!


Just because we haven’t opened up the 2024 Photo Contest yet doesn’t mean you can’t start taking some great photos! We typically don’t get many winter photos, so it would be great to get some survey-themed snow shots and a variety of photos from all the seasons. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who participated! Our apologies to those who did not get selected — the most common reason was due to resolution being too low. We have some cool AI image upscaling software and we tried to make them work, but we just couldn’t get them up to calendar specifications.


Our calendars make great gifts for the surveyors in your life! Order now so you can get them before the new year. They are printed on demand, so they usually take about 10-14 days to arrive.


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