2024 RPLS.com Surveying Calendar

Our 3rd annual surveying calendar is a collaborative effort by the members of our community.

Each photo includes a title, the member’s name (or username) and general location. We’ve also included many surveying-related calendar events in addition to the standard events.

This surveying calendar is a result of our 2023 Photo Contest. We received a total of 27 entries, which we had to whittle down to 13 amazing winners (not an easy task). You can visit the Photo Contest page to find out who won and their prizes.

Preview of the front cover
Preview of the back cover
Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions

Yes! We have added several surveying-specific dates throughout the calendar. For example, birthdays of influential surveyors and specific events. Please note that the holidays and other events are based in the United States.

We conducted a Photo Contest in 2023 in order to collect photos from RPLS.com members. We then had to decide which 13 to use for the calendar, which was difficult, considering there were so many great entries.

We’ve included small previews of the photos on this page, which were also used on the front and back covers of the calendar. To see these great photos at full-size, please purchase a calendar. 🙂

This calendar is intended for hanging on the wall. It is spiral-bound, with pages measuring 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. When open, the top page is a member photo, and the bottom page is the calendar.

The 2024 SurveyorConnect calendar is $29.00 USD plus shipping. You can purchase calendars here.

All proceeds will go back into the RPLS.com community to be used for expenses related to server maintenance, software updates, marketing, and the time we spend working on the website and related projects.

As many as you like. They are print-on-demand, so you can purchase as many as you like. Share them with your surveying friends, co-workers, competitors, etc.

We plan to start another Photo Contest starting in early 2024, from which the winners will be used in the 2025 calendar. Watch for that announcement and get your camera ready!