Now Available: Live Private Messaging and Chat

Rpls Live Private Messaging Chat

As we continue to build and improve upon the new, it makes sense to have improved channels of communication. When we launched a couple months ago, the new private messaging system was a considerable upgrade from the clunky one we had before. But now it’s even better and includes new features as well.

Live Private Messaging

The updated private messaging system is now much more than just a private inbox. You can message other members (once connected) directly and privately just like before, but you also have the convenience of the live chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen (on desktop). On mobile devices, you’ll see a new icon that opens the chat box. Essentially, these are still private messages that act as a private chat.

If you still want to use the traditional inbox, that is still available via the inbox icon in the top menu.

You can also start chats with multiple people, as long as you are connected to them already.

Live Chat

We now have a Live Chat Room available! This chat room is available to all logged in users, regardless of membership level. We’re keeping an eye on it to see how it goes, but we’re hopeful that it will be used respectfully so we can keep it around.

Please feel free to jump into the conversation! 🙂


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