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We truly appreciate your support in keeping online and available to surveyors all over the globe. We understand that some people prefer to make one-time donations instead of subscribing to a membership plan.

You can use the form below to make a secure, one-time online donation to show your support without dedicating yourself to an ongoing paid membership. Or perhaps you do want to donate on a monthly or annual basis, but you don’t want or need the features of our paid membership plans — if so, take a look at our Donator Membership.

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How are donations used?

Monies received from donations, memberships, advertising programs, and other sources go right back into the support, maintenance and ongoing management of

Can you be more specific?

The most important aspect of keeping up and running are its hard costs, so that is the first place where funds get directed. Hard costs include: server costs, security expenses, software purchases and renewals, domain name registration and renewal, email delivery fees, legal expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses that are both critical and unavoidable.

After that, monies go toward the time it takes to manage the server, security, software installation and configuration, site moderation, member support, and marketing.

If, after all the hard costs are accounted for, there are little or no remaining funds, we donate our time to manage and maintain the website.

What happens if runs out of money?

If that happens, we have to decide if we want to weather the storm and fund it out of our own pockets — in hopes that it will somehow get back on its feet. This has actually happened several times in the past, with moments where we considered shutting it down completely.

Are there other ways to support

Advertising doesn’t bring in the revenue it once did, for various reasons. Membership is one way to help with that. We’re hoping that we can continue to improve the benefits of membership to encourage users to become paid members.

Additionally, if you are using an ad blocker, you can help us by simply disabling it while visiting Optionally, you can disable ads while logged in and offset our loss of ad revenue by signing up for a Premium Membership.