POB Vintage Christmas Cards – Set of 4


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7 in stock


In 2002, POB Magazine contracted with me (Wendell) to draw 6 Christmas card designs of a surveying theme. From these, they would select 4 designs and then sell the cards. They went over so well in 2002, that they decided to sell them again in 2003. As part of our deal, they also sent me several sets of cards to do with as I wished. I stored them in a bin for all of these 20+ years — until now. I’ve decided to sell these as sets of 4 cards each, including envelopes. These are original, never used, basically new.

Since POB Magazine no longer exists, I’m making the assumption that anyone that buys these likely won’t actually use them to send out to others. I suspect that they’ll be used as decorations during the holidays or just kept as collector’s items.

They are priced in such a way so as to help support the website — to be used for ongoing expenses in regard to hosting and maintenance.


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